On Gaming’s Wild Ride

Hello, I am Jaromech, a 25 year old piece of shit content creator who streams daily to Twitch. I am passionate about a lot of things so I have decided to start writing this blog to pester people with them hopefully brighten people’s days. I make fun of things a lot. Games, people, everything. It’s the little things in life that help you take on the bigger things.

The content will mostly be focused on video games, but since I am a human being, I also write about non-virtual human things like… the weather or something. I post frequently and am very approachable on the socials (please for the love of God talk to me, I’m lonely).

“But Jaro, you still didn’t tell me why I should give a damn”. Well, okay. Uhm, you’re right, buuuuut… Alright, alright! I got a few words. Let’s give this a try:

Genuine passion, consistency, professionality. There, how is that? Awful? Ah, screw it.

Just hop aboard gaming’s wild ride, nerd. Choo choo.

– Jaro