The Crossroad of Gameplay, Interaction and Entertainment

Hey friendos!

Jaromech is the blog of a 25 year old piece of shit content creator who streams daily to Twitch. Consequently, ever since I started streaming, people have been asking me a lot of questions about what it’s like and if it’s worth it and whether or not I pour the milk before the cereal. This blog tries to answer at least some of that. I don’t really buy cereal, actually. I’m a bread addict. Ahem. Right, the blog.

The content will mostly be focused on streaming or content creation in general and video games, but since I am a human being, I also write about non-virtual human things like… the weather or something. I post frequently and am very approachable on the socials (please for the love of God talk to me, I’m lonely).

My writing style I consider very “breathy”. That is, I like to see things positively, but sprinkle them with a healthy amount of ridicule and sarcasm. To me, life is a fun and enjoyable happening and I’ll readily make small amounts of fun of everything and everyone (and even more so when it comes to myself).

Anyway, I don’t want to keep you too long. This is a blog about content creation written by an ambitious, driven and passionate workaholic. Not much more to it.

If your interest is piqued, hop aboard gaming’s wild ride with me. Destination? No clue. Doesn’t matter. Choo choo.

– Jaro