On Gaming’s Wild Ride

Jaromech is the name of a 25 year old Asian man who lives in the Netherlands and spends most of his life playing video games, watching video games and reading about video games. Call it addiction, I call it passion. Might be a potato, potahto thing, but at the end of the day, it’s very simple. I’ve been on gaming’s wild ride since Pokémon Yellow and I’m here until the end of it. I love video games. I love talking about video games. So here I am, sharing my passion with the world.

My writing style can be very confusing to some people. I like making fun of things. Good things happen, bad things happen, but smiles go for miles. Entertainment is value and won’t change the facts anyway. I’m sorry in advance if I offend you by making fun of your favourite game, character or whatever. I mean we all know Miranda is best waifu, but you have to understand that it’s (mostly) in jest. I mean, I guess Tali has some chance…

Mood, man. Mood.

Anyway. I’m just your average guy who plays video games and won’t shut up about it. I post frequently and am very engaging on the socials (please for the love of God talk to me, I’m lonely).

“But Jaro, you still didn’t tell me why I should give a damn about some idiot with a very common passion.” Well, I got you reading this far, right? May as well make those few minutes worth your time and read the rest of it. Might need a Kappa. Kappa. There.

On a more professional note, I’m very serious about this whole gaming thing so if you’re asking me why you should give a damn, I’ll give you a few reasons: genuine passion, frequency, quality, professionality, Asian, to get to the other side, 3.1415… Uhh. Where was I?

Ah, screw it. Just hop on gaming’s wild ride, nerd. Choo choo.

– Jaro